There will be relief from the hassles caused by FASTag problems at Toll Plaza, NHAI made a big announcement

Toll Plaza पर FASTags की गड़बड़ी से होने वाली किचकिच से मिलेगी मुक्ति, NHAI ने किया बड़ा ऐलान

Satellite-Based Toll System: Shortly, you won’t have to stop at the toll plaza gates because of malfunctions in the technology that reads the fastag that is mounted on the cars. NHAI has advanced in putting its fantastic concept into action. which means that instead of stopping at the toll plaza, the toll tax will now be taken straight from the satellite.

Toll collecting by electronic means: In India, the time when the throng, noise, and many conflicts at the toll plaza will vanish is not far off. The Indian government is set to implement a system that will eliminate the need for you to stop on any major highway in the nation; instead, your car will travel quickly and uninterrupted to its destination.

To deploy the satellite-based electronic toll collection system, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has out an invitation to tenders and expressions of interest (EOI) from all over the world. A TOI article claims that to make tax transactions using FASTag simple for commuters, NHAI has also mandated a significant modification in the hardware and IT system deployment at toll plazas.

Only businesses with substantial prior experience in this field will be granted opportunities by the agency. The business awarded the contract for this work will be required to buy all of its equipment from suppliers that have been approved by the Ministry of Electronics and IT’s Directorate of Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification.

The company must acquire STQC certification for all of its equipment, including RFID readers with antennas, automatic number plate readers, toll lane controllers, and toll plaza servers, in order to collaborate with IHMCL, the NHAI unit in charge of toll management.

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